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(Vlog #4) $ 5,202.92 YouTube channel upgrade, What Alone was filmed with Season 3


I went on a shopping spree and spent $ 5,202.92 on a YouTube channel upgrade. I got it all, the expensive canon camera, wireless mic, Dji Marvin drone and much more. $5,202 worth of new camera equipment. And a lot of the stuff i got was the same stuff i used in Patagonia to film the History channels hit show Alone season 3 on. Now that its almost all hear i can really state making a major production. Or at least thats the plan now i have to figure out how to use all this stuff. For the most part it is all stuff i used like i said on Alone but i have never had to deal with editing and settings much for the cameras. Im learning that just leaving the camera rolling my get me the perfect shot but means i spend a thousand years longer when i comes to the editing. New software is grate (final cut pro X) but it means I have almost had to learn it all from the ground up again. The Dji mavric drone has definitely been the most fun to play with it is really easily to use once you get past the software loading hassle. I have been trying for days to get the sunset with it but between distractions and dead batteries I haven't accomplished that yet. I want a really nice shot of flying Close to the yurt and up and over the trees and capture the sunset I'll get it one of these days.

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