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Part 3 Journey to Beat the Guinness world record with a slingshot


I haven't been speed shooting since before I left for Patagonia last spring. But I just finished a new speed shooting slingshot and this is the first time I used it. I am even more excited now that im back about building up my speed and accuracy and beating the Guinness World Record for how many cans you can knock down in one minute. The current record stands at 25 cans knock down in one minute at 33 feet before this video I had only managed 7 cans in one minute. Although I haven't been speed shooting in a long time my accuracy has improved a lot. Unfortunately when the shooting process is speed up that accuracy tends to go out the window. Now that I've made a new faster slingshot for Speed shooting I'll practice every day and see if I can't bring the accuracy to the speed.

I made this slingshot from White Oak and mahogany what is linen in between the laminates. I use linen instead of fiberglass because I like to hand carve the slingshots and the fiberglas is hard on the carving knives. Then I rigged it with sleeved latex slingshot tubing. The sleeve part of the tubing where it is mounted to the slingshot helps prevent the band from being all twisted up after shooting. This allows me a quicker recovery and reloading time. I simply used a very stiff pouch, all of which I purchased from the DIY section at Simple Shot.

https://simple-shot.com/The only place i shop for slingshot supplies. This is not a paid endorsement i just like them they never screw up my order and it always arrives a day before i thought it would. Whether you just want to purchase a slingshot or the supplies to make your own Simple Shot is the place to go.

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