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Plinker PFS by Toolman

05 November 2016 - 12:17 PM

Hello Everyone,


The Plinker PFS is a state of the art slingshot from Toolman! This tiny frame is a chopped version of Dayhiker's Lil' Plinker. Before I tell you more, just take look at this beauty.


Attached File  SeljanTrade_ToolmanPFS_001_LD.jpg   307.41KB   42 downloads


Attached File  SeljanTrade_ToolmanPFS_002_LD.jpg   90.13KB   28 downloads


Attached File  SeljanTrade_ToolmanPFS_003_LD.jpg   147.11KB   26 downloads


Attached File  SeljanTrade_ToolmanPFS_004_LD.jpg   126.26KB   28 downloads


Attached File  SeljanTrade_ToolmanPFS_005_LD.jpg   231.8KB   25 downloads


This is not just a charming, high quality work, but also has a great functionality. This video just shows how handy the Plinker PFS is.




The metal core frame came to me as a part of my trade with Toolman. I was happy to receive a cup style PFS and all the images shown a nice build. Received it and yes that's what I was hoping for.


Aluminum core, bonded and pinned. G10 yellow spacers, dual layer orange and bright green G10 mid section and a high quality Carbon layer at the top. The mosaic pins are eye catching just as well.


The weight is nice, especially for a small sized slingshot like the Plinker PFS. Feels solid, and since it's quite cold here it also feels warmer than usual, thanks to the G10 scales. All the rounds are well thought out, no hurting edges could be found. I was using it in straight up orientation for first with a shorter band-set. The short forks were sinking and hiding between the supporting fingers.


I was missing a groove from the inside of the fork, but was moving a bit with the wrap and tuck.


I'm happy to have the Plinker PFS, it is awesome as a build and shoots just as well.


Thanks for watching,


Coffe at 20meters - BeerCan at 0 :)

01 September 2016 - 01:15 PM

Hello Friends,


For some time I started to mix 10-15 and 20m shooting. Sometimes 25m but that's not regular. Using the same bandset and same frame I enjoy the OTT aiming. Still shoot ear lobe length the most but feeling a strong tendency to corner of the mouth anchoring. It surprised me, but without any pouch twist only straight thumb "trick".


Recognized I shoot better when my skin at thumb is in better condition. After my finger print is suffered it is a bit harder to get to the smooth release.


I was shooting paper targets at 20m. Still like it but the sound impact is not impressive at all and it's hard to get on a flow. Simply because I just can not see the point of impact during shooting. So cans are fun to shoot for me. Good size, challenge and interaction.


Anyway I recorded a shooting session. I had a better one with a can cut, but no video no proof :D


Hope you will like it. Tried to speed up the video flow and make it easy to follow.




Thank you for watching,


FlatCat OTT - Impressions

01 September 2016 - 04:17 AM

Hi Folks,


I had a couple words with Byudzai back in January 2015. He had a night spent with insomnia and he used the extra time to start figuring out an exciting attachment and just made a thread of his journey. This recent OTT FlatCat is originated from those times, however as I followed his steps it’s clearly visible nothing is smooth and straightforward. But his efforts are well spent.


FlatCat OTT is a cool slingshot. The design is clean, easy to get the idea and works simply. Accuracy and feel is great. Pocketable and small sized but feels just right in the hand. Can be used with the pre cut bands (needs almost no time to change the bands) and single flats too. Alex made sure his bands are all clean cuts – a big thumbs up. He have a special tool and device just for this purpose.


Liked the 3D printed clip. I’m mostly shooting with right hand hold nowadays, but enjoyed switching hands to fully explore the potential of the right handed clip mount. If you see the video, my first shot with right hand was spot on out of the box.


To make something simple and smooth it usually takes difficult and crazy amount of actions. As I know how much work is spent with this design (just as with TTF FlatCat) I really appreciate the trade with Byudzai.


For more info you can check:



Thanks for your time, :)



Watch it in action on YouTube



Attached File  FlatCat_OTT_Still_002_LD.jpg   154.62KB   31 downloads


Attached File  FlatCat_OTT_Still_001_LD.jpg   65.84KB   24 downloads



18 August 2016 - 04:02 AM

Hello Everyone,


This ring is called - The BareBone


Made this sculpt a while ago. This ring was an anatomy reference help at the sculpting course and also a fun project as a bareback aid. After some time it was printed out in stainless steel, tumbled and in this case nickel plated.


I don't like to distort anatomical details, but for this purpose forehead, zygomaticum and maxilla are all distorted, just as os nasale is reduced to make it possible to wear with comfort. When sculpting and printing with details like these many of small areas are blurred out by the printing. To avoid erosion of details it is advised to strengthen and "over-articulate" some smaller forms. The slot was built in via CAD, head is polygonal. Holds double TBG. Pictured with 15mil straight cuts and a smaller pouch.


Inspiration from Matt (YSEO) and Volp :)


Thanks for watching, Wish a great upcoming weekend :)



Attached File  Seljan_Barebone_LD_001.jpg   74.95KB   72 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_BareBone_LD_002.jpg   70.77KB   41 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_Barebone_LD_003.jpg   57.9KB   41 downloads


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Slant TTF

29 June 2016 - 03:48 PM

Dear Friends,


CanH8r showed my latest design already and I was behind the thread that presents the Slant TTF actually. Life made his tricks. I was at a university meeting in Poland, Wroclaw - Breslau. What a wonderful city and so awesome people! Also met folks from Spain, Italy and China. If you ever have a chance to visit Wroclaw don't miss it. You will not regret. As an important place of European history and culture this city can tell a ton of secrets to the caring listener.


In medias res

The Slant TTF is a modified version of the Slant v1.2. This compact sized slingshot is accompanied with a smaller TTF fork width with a relative large fork gap. The angled forktips covers less of the target. Aiming dimple makes aiming faster, also helps for orienting bands and single tube setup. The skeletonized  handle gives room for a pinky hook. Both pinch- and finger support grips are available. Thanks to the handmade cast aluminum frame this slingshot is not just compact but also weighted for stability during release. The textured anodized surface gives a secure grip in various conditions.

  • Between forks - measured in the center of tips - 54mm | 2 1/8"
  • Fork width - 88mm | 3.5"
  • Overall length - 122mm | ~4 3/4"
  • Forktip width - 25,4mm | 1"
  • Weight - 161g | 5.7oz


As you know my heart is with OTT. But I really enjoy the challenge to explore TTF. I was asked about TTF many times and made a lot of different versions as usual. Probably about a year ago (or more) was checking an article from the classic slingshot magazines that covers the importance measuring grouping on paper targets. This technique was very useful (albeit sloooowww) to check differences between particular frames - grips - weights- geometries. As a result you can see the Slant TTF model.


I hope these images can fulfill the picture about this lil' shooter.

Thanks for watching :wave:




Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_001.jpg   52.79KB   52 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_002.jpg   53.26KB   41 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_003.jpg   52.45KB   41 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_004.jpg   87.97KB   35 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_005.jpg   79.14KB   38 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_006.jpg   68.21KB   42 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_007.jpg   90.97KB   37 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_008.jpg   57.23KB   36 downloads


Velvet Blue anodizing was for experimental purposes only and not available. Was managed to be made as a showpiece. It's not impossible to make, but currently too many factors to consider compared to the actually made pieces.


Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_009.jpg   59.27KB   38 downloads


Attached File  Seljan_SlantTTF_presentation_LD_010.jpg   57.24KB   36 downloads


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