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Black Locust under Black Light!

10 January 2016 - 04:58 PM

Here are a couple of naturals that look somewhat board cut/designed from trades last summer. One from Dan Hood (the standard looking one) and one from Florida Forks/Arsinator (sp?) the ergo looking one. Both are really great and fun to shoot. The grain on black locust (we found out last summer) can be pretty cool.
Someone was recently mentioning that they thought black locust had interesting colors under a black light.

Well, here you go! It sure does. Notice how the sap wood part tends to look dark and the heartwood is the lighter color.

Thank you Dan and FF/Arsinator!!

Thanks for looking!


What's old is new again!

12 December 2015 - 09:08 PM

Thank you bigdh2000!!

Several months ago, I sent Dan a message which created a couple of trades. The guy (as many of you on here are) is super talented, creative, and an overall really good guy. I still had a couple of blocks of the very old persimmon wood (estimated at around 125 years old), my uncle gave me last year from where my dad grew up. My dad and uncle tell stories of possum hunting under the tree as kids!

I asked Dan if he would be interested in/willing to make a SS from the wood and he agreed, just asking some general ideas (already knowing my favorite styles), items needed, and patience!! After a few weeks, he did hint/tease a couple of times that this had him excited, and that is all he would say!!

Well, just over a week ago, I walked into my office, saw the box with his return address and became very excited! This thing is awesome!! Super thick, but fits really well and allows me to lock the fork in my hand with ring and small finger. Smooth as glass and super fun to shoot as well as being easy to your target.

He said the thickness was to include the character and grain of the wood while fitting like it does (we both have larger than average hands). As hard as the wood is, it still has a few worm holes for character. He used oak pins to blend in beautifully. I will be taking this with me when I go visit my parents in MS for Christmas, to show my dad and uncle. And if all this work on this wasn't enough, he included another shooter that he made about a year ago that will be a great everyday shooter!!

Enjoy the pictures and thanks for looking!

Thanks so much again Dan!!
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Barrell catch box---ideas and your pics please!

28 June 2015 - 06:09 PM

Hey guys,

Do some of you have the large 55 gallon (or close) plastic barrels for catch boxes? If so, is love to see some of your pictures for a few ideas.

I have a couple extra and want to use one as a catch box ,


Trade with bigdh2000---the other end of the trade!

28 June 2015 - 07:34 AM

As Dan mentioned in his version, I reached out to him a few weeks back after he posted pics and the story of getting back to his roots. I have a real weakness for naturals, and some of the natural board cuts you guys do look super cool. I asked Dan if he sold any and he said he only does trades. With my skill levels being nowhere close to what most of you guys do, I'm thinking how can this work? He went on to say that anything SS related, or tools, and even raw forks. Over the last year and a half, the fork pile has really grown and time seems to vanish.

Since he mentioned a few forks would work, that was easy enough. I was expecting one slingshot and very excited about whatever it would be. What arrived was two, and one of which was the recently posted, returning to my roots shooter (he said he sent that since I expressed interest--drooling was probably more like it!!).
I can't wait to shoot these today--first chance due to weather and other things getting in the way. Absolutely gorgeous shooters!

Thank you so much Dan!! These are long term keepers and I am stoked to have these in my small collection.
Very generous of you! Hopefully you will be able to get something decent out of the forks. Judging by these two, you will have some really cool shooters emerge from beneath the bark.

Thanks again for sharing!

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Need help with Can Cutting!

24 April 2015 - 07:12 PM

Hi guys,

I have seen many of you talk about cutting cans (and watched a few videos that have been posted) with 5-8 shots in some cases. The very fewest hits I've been able to cut is 18 and that was with .38 caliber lead. Usually it's well into the 20's with 3/8 steel. I'm shooting TBG one inch strainghtcut, 10 inches long, probably just under 9.5 inches active length and about a 42" draw length (I'm 6'4").

Is this just due to my poor placement (proper accuracy) of the hits? I have had a few times where the can was barely hanging and I would just graze the wrong place of the can and it not separate.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!


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