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Today's haul

15 April 2017 - 08:17 PM

Today I made it into the shop and made a batch. I have some sheets I need to make disappear, the wife and I have decided to move back to Florida and I want to reduce the amount of things I take back. I also found this nice thick mesquite fork I can get two slingshots from and I have enough branch left that I'm going to make some scales from and maybe make some split frames from! 0d87b5e24a62944dbe9473e2099eb650.jpg54485708af7448e9871262ba59419353.jpg03d9df9eace643c207aa2c7c9f9b1f60.jpg7e92f5f9004a3fe248261f0743b0510e.jpg

Florida Forks

Custom Talon

15 March 2017 - 02:48 PM

Baltic Birch ply core. Black palm and red heart on target side, coco bolo tips, spalted tamarind on body and red heart on tang on shooter side. Made for right hand hold. Finished to 500 and finished with polyurethane. Customer just received it.a010dcef3ec083c4709496335a493991.jpg0895863f4fc63ac5a7ae2ff5df68c66c.jpga5adc89ffe99480d9a1a39c0ac581f5f.jpg

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The grind...

08 March 2017 - 12:21 PM

Working on some ali cores for an order. Poor mans CNC LOL. 3ac7ce0e0934970d6cfe67d97b6933f8.jpg

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Lively Oak

27 February 2017 - 02:29 PM

Made myself a shooter! Stay pretty busy with the baby taking up all of my time, but I just finished a shooter for myself. This is made from a big live oak fork. It's my Imp design but I made it to only shoot TTF,with aiming dimples. It sat in a BLO BATH FOR 28 hours and gave it a light beeswax coat. First time trying to burn my logo on by hand...emphasis on the try part. It had a bit of softer wood pits that really darkened up in the oil and blended in with the wood burning. I was so tempted to add other woods and accents to it, but I stayed committed to keeping it natural. Gonna band it up later and try it out. Thanks for looking.55bfc19317359dec272e21290f88d704.jpgc269eda5dfc8708499bfaaf22ef4cbb8.jpg15a698d93b42ecfc90f35ab8c30070e3.jpga9dd36299648d03b9ec73b8e78380cd4.jpg30185735faf35946e6948bcf7dcfa3e7.jpgf1866c0b519a583c8f4a840c405f9b70.jpg1f49c336cb86b7f47a4026ce1006ca61.jpg

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Back in the saddle

15 January 2017 - 03:53 PM

I'm trying to spend more time in the shop. Today there were no excuses. Now I just need to work on some laminates.a457cadd432b3cdc63db4250fcb15efb.jpg532aeff1bbf130741a98d7c9fbe1f7c9.jpg

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