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The Hodge Catapull

Yesterday, 09:00 PM

This is another favorite of mine, the Hodge Catapull, patented in 1948. It looks very similar to the larger Victor 20, but is cast aluminum. The dimensions are: 3.94” overall width, 2.94” between the forks and 7.5” overall height. Here are the pictures of mine along with the patent, although the box isn’t mine.








Herter's Ebonite

Yesterday, 01:14 PM

This one is a favorite of mine for some reason, it’s just unique. It is molded from a hard epoxy called “Ebonite” With the odd name of “Gun Work Case Reacting” molded in it. The other unusual thing about it was the molded bands. The entire band is molded from the attachment point all through the molded rubber pouch and is embossed with “Rubber Processing Company”. The dimensions are: 3.875 inches overall width, 2.5 inches between the forks and 7.125 inches overall height. I had no idea what this was until I ran across the fuzzy old ad for it, clearly the same slingshot and advertised for Herter’s. The bands were about 8 inches working length on each side.


From Wikipedia; "Ebonite is a brand name for very hard rubber first obtained by Charles Goodyear by vulcanizing natural rubber for prolonged periods. For vulcanizing natural rubber he received patent number 3633 from the United States Patent Office on June 15, 1844.[1] Besides natural rubber, Ebonite contains about 25–80% sulfur and linseed oil.[2][3] Its name comes from its intended use as an artificial substitute for ebony wood. The material is known generically as hard rubber











Yesterday, 01:01 PM

Another small cast aluminum slingshot from England, similar to Milbro in size is the TSL. There are two version that I have seen; a 2 hole version and a 4 hole version. I have the 4 hole model. The dimensions are: 3.05 inches overall width, 1.75 inches between the forks and 5.3 inches total height. Here are the pics of mine.




Vintage Slingshots Forum?

14 June 2017 - 07:45 AM

I would like to gauge the interest in a subforum dedicated to vintage slingshots. I've taken quite an interest in them lately and my collection was grown significantly. It would be nice to share what I have with this community.


My thoughts are this: A dedicated subforum just for vintage frames. It would be best if it were kept clean, as in, only one thread per vintage frame, so there would be one thread for the Wham-O Sportsman, one thread for the Sling-o-matic, etc. In this way the subforum basically acts as a database for vintage frames where the community can contribute tidbits of knowledge pictures etc.


I think if there are families or pairs they should be grouped under the same thread, as an example the milligan 1 and 2 would be under one thread, as would the Tinker killdeer and deerslayer.


Now what defines a vintage frame? I don't think of vintage as an age or era. I consider a vintage frame to be one that was at one time a production slingshot that is now no longer produced. Of course there will be a little gray area, but I think we can use common sense to navigate this.


I am more than willing to volunteer to keep the forum clean and moderate it as it will require some upkeep, if someone posts a picture of a Little david frame and calls it a milbro, that post should be deleted or edited to keep the information accurate, etc.


Now I'm getting ahead of myself, but I also see a sticky thread at the top titled "What frame is this" or something where folks can ask their questions in one spot without muddying the waters.


What is everyone's interest in this?

Vintage Wham-O Clone

11 April 2017 - 06:50 AM

I thought I'd seen most of the old vintage Wham-O clones but came across one that was new to me so I had to get it, and with the box too! I had never seen a Huck Finn Hummer slingshot before!


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