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My first laminate - plum & chestnut

27 January 2017 - 01:57 PM

I have been thinking about my first laminate for quite some time, but didn't trust in myself enough. What epoxy, what temperature, omg also some nice pins, how about delimanation .. 


And then I decided that with this I wouldn't make anything. Never. So I wanted the first laminate have near me - when there is a problem, I could fix it. I mainly fear delamination as the epoxy is some stock Pattex 5 min.

Story short, it is my son's present. He like it, my wife and daughter as well, big success :)


The wood is plum (our local fruit tree) and something like "american walnut" - not sure about this, it was a gift. And of course alu core. 


I also made little present for my wife in the same style http://slingshotforu...t-for-my-wife/ 

Thanks for looking ;)

Xmas little present for my wife

23 December 2016 - 06:57 PM

Made this, my second attempt in lamination. It's plum and accacia with alu core. The plum is incredibly nice wood, really love it. This is intended to put on a ring with keys, so I consider to cover it with CA glue layer to protect it. Still time, but not much :D

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Locust slingshot for my wife

17 October 2016 - 04:35 AM

This one is for my wife. It took quite a long time to build, because I did it when I had good mood for that and there were some difficulties like too wide whole etc. 

Originally I wanted wood that is more feminine, like cherry. But on the other hand locust is such a beautiful wood with unbelievable grain. Also my wife likes slingshots from wood - she wasn't very excited from HDPE, plastics and micarta slingshots I made.. 


The slingshot started as a fork. The handle is thick enough so that it can be held comfortably. Also she didn't like the regular wrap&tuck attachment, so I used the other method. The bands are quite light, for BB's only, so the attachment should be ok.


She was surprised and liked the slingshot, now it's time to kill some cans ;)

From shiny to black anodized slingshot

04 March 2016 - 11:33 AM

I tried materials like pvc, wood, hdpe etc, but never seriously aluminium. After I saw anodized version, I was sure I had to start one. 


It started like this - basic shape. I wanted to shoot it as soon as possible, so I sometimes worked with bands on :)


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After I finished the shape, I started sanding. This was quite tedious. I had some ideas how it should look like, but I had to give up to finish it this year.. So the basic shiny variant was this:


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Colleague here - olasnikov promised to try it to let it anodized and he really did it. So the final result looks like a black hole. Really like the result. It's smooth, nice in hand. The only disadvantage is that a forkhit will ruin the anodized surface.



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Slingshot from spatulas

23 July 2015 - 10:42 AM

Almost a year ago I had an idea about slingshot made from bent wood. As I didn't have any good wood for that, I remembered that somebody tried to bent spatulas as a bracelet. 

There it started. I bent some spatulas, glued together and added some palm swells from accacia, mainly to secure the spatulas no to split apart. 


It's a gift for my colleague's son, so I hope he will be pleasantly surprised..

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