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The End Of Consistent Slingshot Videos

06 March 2017 - 11:55 AM

Hey guys. Just wanted to share this with you, and to let you know that I am going in a somewhat different direction with my channel. This means that consistant slingshot videos from me are at an end. I have many reasons for this. I still love slingshots, but they are just not holding my interest right now, and it is such a limited topic. So I have decided to expand my channel, to incorporate more of my different interests. Now it will be more focused on build projects, and things happening in my shop, and my current interests. This also means I won't be around the forum as much anymore. However those of you who are waiting for one of my slingshots, I am still planning on making good on that. I have started filling some simple custom orders already, but it is going very slow. So, please be patient, and I will get to you when I am able. And while I would really love to come to the ECST this year. I am not sure it's going to work out with everything else I have going on :(.


Also I have a question for you. Would you guys like to see me continue to post my videos here in the off topic section? Or are you content to see them on my channel?


This was a very hard decision for me, but it is what my heart is calling me to do, and I hope you guys will understand. I still love you guys, and I think of you all as family, and I dearly hope I will see you soon. If not at this ECST, maybe the next one. Thank you for all that you have done for me over the past few years. These forums really have changed my life. Take care everybody :).



New Channel About Page:
"Hi, my name is Josh and I love making things, and experimenting with primitive weapons. I'm a mostly self taught woodworker, blacksmith, metalworker and primitive weapon aficionado. I see life as a challenge, and I approach everything with a passionate desire to become competent at whatever is set before me. I make videos about my recent projects/creations, weapons I like, hobbies I am interested in, or work that I am doing, as well as random tutorial vids. Topics vary widely depending on my interests at any given moment :D. New video every 2 - 3 weeks! Subscribe, like and share if you like what you see!

My goals for this channel are to provide "family-friendly" videos with a Christian mindset, and to share the knowledge I have gained through my experiences. To demonstrate proper safety and responsibility principles, and to teach and inspire others to learn new skills and to make things with their own hands. I find such joy in these things, I want to share that joy with others!"

New House/Property!

17 February 2017 - 07:25 PM

Dang, I posted this on the other forum, but forgot to post it here. If you don't follow me on youtube, you might not have seen this yet (you should totally follow me by the way, I do cool stuff :D). But seriously, we are so excited and thankful to have this new place. It's official. We have found a house! God is faithful.


Loading A Slingshot Quickly And Efficiently (My Way)

25 October 2016 - 04:58 PM

Today I am back with another video, in this one I am doing a quick breakdown of my loading method. It is probably very similar to others, but I wanted to share it anyways. And I sincerely hope some might find it helpful :). Have a great day!

210 Foot Shot! 100th Video!

28 September 2016 - 12:42 PM

Well guys, here I am again on this fine Wednesday. Today I present to you my 100th video, and one of my absolute favorites thus far. I really pushed myself on this one, did something I was not sure I was capable of, and had a lot of fun doing it. I am also turning 17 tomorrow, which makes it even more special :D. How the time fly's...... It's been a fun few years, and I am very excited to see what the next few bring. This one has got me reminiscing on how far I have come, and it just makes me feel so thankful to be alive and well on this fine day. I really hope you enjoy, this one means a lot to me. And I want to thank you all again, for taking the time to watch my videos, and for giving me continued feedback and encouragement. I would not have made it this far without you all. God bless :).

Cutting A Q-tip! + New Camera Angle

06 July 2016 - 11:08 AM

First time ever attempting this! And it was wayyyyy harder than I thought it would be. And I was only 7 - 8 paces away. I got to practice more lol :). This is also the first test of my new mirror setup! Didn't work perfectly but I like it nonetheless :). Make sure to check out the YouTube description for more info! Enjoy! 

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