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looking for ppmg and psbs

Yesterday, 09:33 AM

let me know???

pro shot blood sport

21 March 2017 - 05:43 PM

i want one!!!

jigsaw table

20 March 2017 - 12:25 PM

im building the ligsaw table. ive herd from different people good and bad. what do youall think of this for ss?

beginner rasps or router?

19 March 2017 - 04:53 PM

i wanted to get ok with rasps before i got router. im now thinking that ill have plenty of time for getting good w/ rasps aside from rounding edges? what did/would  you all do?

rasp/file set

18 March 2017 - 01:23 PM





would this set be ok, or would i be better of getting nicholsons?

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