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Cleaning rusty balls?

25 March 2017 - 04:27 AM

Hello guys, I was trying to search the forum, but I couldn't find the info I was looking for..

I reuse my steel balls (like most of us with a catchbox), but after awhile the balls start to develop rusty spots

I saw online that you could get rid of the rust by soaking it in vinegar, which I did, and it did get rid of the rust

The problem now is that there is a dull coating formed on the balls, kindda like some kind of galvanised coating

I could get rid of that by using some sandpaper, but I was wondering if there is any easier way..


Any help is appreciated! 

PPMG Material Comparison?

02 March 2017 - 08:33 PM

Hello, good people of the Slingshot Forum

I'm pretty new to this hobby, I just acquired my Scout, but I have my eyes on another slingshot already.. (my wallet doesn't like this)

Anyway, I'm looking to get a PPMG. On their website, there are 3 materials to choose from, which are aluminium (lightest/ cheapest) brass and bronze (heaviest/most expensive)

I've been searching on this page, but I couldn't find info on material comparison (I guess I'm bad at searching..)


So my question is, apart from different weights, is there any advantage the bronze one have over the aluminium?

Like is it stronger in anyway? More resistant to fork hits or something?

I'm trying to convince myself to get the aluminium one, but darn it the bronze one is just so pretty....

Hello from Malaysia~

02 March 2017 - 07:19 PM

Hello everyone~
I'm just starting out in this hobby. I was initially watching videos of people shooting rifles on Youtube, it looked cool, aiming and shooting at targets~
However, firearms are totally illegal here in Malaysia..that goes the same for air rifles. Even airsoft is illegal.. So I was thinking about archery, it seems like the next best thing

But then it's not that easy to set up a target in the backyard, the neighbours would feel uncomfortable too.. So, then next best thing was slingshots, and here I am haha

I bought a Barnett Strike 9 back when I was 13, but back then I was shooting stones so my consistency was horrible..so I ended up putting it away for awhile.

13 years later I took it out of my closet, got new bands for them and started shooting again, this time with steel balls~




Consistency was better than shooting rocks that's for sure xD
But I'm not a strong guy, drawing this slingshot was too much for my shoulder especially with my shoulder injury.. Then I found out about flatband slingshots~
So, I ordered a Scout from Simple-Shot. I'm from Malaysia, so it would take about 3 weeks for it to arrive, I couldn't wait that long.. xD
I bought a cheapo wooden slingshot that was meant for loop tubes, chopped the top off, and attached flat bands




Now with the lower draw weight, I could actually focus on aiming instead of struggling just to draw the slingshot

I practised in my room mainly, it's been raining a lot so I can't set up a target outside.. So my practice sessions were limited to just 2.5m distance.

Oh well, some practice is better than no practice. I made a catch box from the info here. Having a catch box definitely makes practising easier, since you don't lose your ammo~




My catch box is made from cardboard, it works~ oh yeah, it's in my wardrobe, haha




And finally~~ The scout arrived!! Definitely a really ergonomic slingshot, very nice to hold in the hand

For some reason, the shape makes it kindda easy to aim too~
Anyway, I hope the rain lets up a bit so I can set up a catchbox in my backyard

Hope to learn more from this forum~!

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