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In Topic: Which are the best slingbow arrows

Today, 02:16 PM

Unless you are gibbonesque - which I seriously doubt (I am fairly - and on the longer draw length side of things) You should be drawing to the edge of the jaw - where the bowl of the thumb meets the hand sort of locks in that spot... I'd not use a half butterfly floating anchor point. You should be able to use fairly standard archery measurements to get your draw length - you'll find through a google search.


Another option if you definitely want to do a floating anchor, or have arms that reach the knees, is to create some sort of over-draw (very popular a few years ago) - which would allow for a massive draw but shorter arrows...  basically the arrow rest is set on the inside of the frame by a few inches.


To get the extra speed that may be ideal - the over-draw as you'd have short arrows that would be powered with the main power stroke of the band/tubes.... 

In Topic: shellac or polyurethane which do you like better

Today, 09:49 AM

The worst thing is - I should really know that... Anyhow - reminded now :-)

In Topic: shellac or polyurethane which do you like better

Today, 09:40 AM


Water-based poly is minimally toxic, and there's one out there that claims to offer the best features of both an oil-based and a water-based in a water-based formula...
I won't use shellac because the word itself sounds like a terminal disease.  "I'm sorry Mrs. CornDawg, your husband has rampant 4th stage shellac, he's finished."   :(

Shellac is made from a Asia bug of some kind it's basically bug piss :)
In a can. It's also hypoallergenic . You can always polycoat over it says on the can .





Thought it was the shells (carapace) of the beetles? Dissolved in some form of oil/alcohol... Always thought it was a bit of a faff to apply... 

In Topic: Give away

Today, 09:37 AM

Attaboy.   :)


Always wanted to tell ya how classy sounding Stratford upon Avon is.  

By that reckoning I'd live in Lava upon Dirt...



Its a little weird living in what is probably considered the home of English literature and theatre ( being Shakespeare's home town ) - we like it, very nice for UK - even if the tourists are a little thick on the ground. 


Sort of a bit Hobbit though. 

In Topic: Give away

Today, 09:22 AM


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