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In Topic: Modern vs. Traditional

Today, 01:39 AM

There was a post by an Australian a few months ago that breached this topic. He had bought a spring-assisted wrist-brace slingshot - think he went on to build a sling rifle gun thing (he disappeared just after starting that build).


I think the basic answer to your question is yes... The differences between a compound bow over recurve proof this. Wrist-vbraced slingshot over a thumb brace....


I think its down to fun factor, simplicity and portability. The more complex, the bigger the less fun - think thats the tradeoff triangle... Also a slingshot has an effective practical range - 'gimmick' or rather developments I don't think would change this all too much. Guys are able to hit match heads at 10m - so accuracy of traditional setups is phenomenal.


Also t seems like what Brudered suggests we are currently in a period where slower, simpler and more traditional is preferred. But at the end of the day its what is fun for you - what keeps you enjoying what you're doing. If fiddling with the engineering of complex compound frames is your thing - then let us see those experiments, and conclusions. 


Think the biggest developments that would make significant benefits would be rubber and accuracy of (consistent) materials - light grippy tough pouches...

In Topic: Oh no, another " I'm shooting low" Post

Yesterday, 12:04 PM

What hand hold - thumb brace, hammer or pinch?


Saw a video last night on the simple shot site... http://simpleshot.academy/fork-hits/ Its about fork hits generally - but he gives good simple beginner shooting technique advice throughout...

In Topic: Oh no, another " I'm shooting low" Post

Yesterday, 09:10 AM

With the band over so the bottom is the top. If its shooting high - then there is a band irregularity...

In Topic: Another Axiom Champ

Yesterday, 09:08 AM


In Topic: Roman warriors

Yesterday, 09:08 AM

They used a staff sling - a long stick with a sling on the end. They are much more powerful than string-whirled type - and capable of some damage... used mainly to harass - also used whistling ammo... keep nerves going :-)


If I remember it was common for legionnaires to be quite proficient with them...




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