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In Topic: What I like about 1 type of slingshot.

15 May 2017 - 02:54 PM

I don't know if this is relevant. But I started shooting real guns at 7. Starting with a Weatherby .22 Rim fire. I fired only that and shotguns for years. It became part of my nervous system.

I went on to be a Marine (non combat) and was one of the best shooters in every unit I was assigned to.

Even as a non combat Marine I have no doubt that if you put an AR-15 or M-16 in my hands all these years later I could do... terrible things.

But I have no doubt one day when I inherent that old Weatherby from my Dad, within 10 shots I'll be shooting "gnats wings" again.

Long story short. I agree with CJ if one wants to be able to shoot as naturally as you breath.

In Topic: What I like about 1 type of slingshot.

14 May 2017 - 12:53 PM

I've always appreciated this about your comments. And if you are gonna settle on one style it doesn't hurt for that to be the SPS.

I've been narrowing my choices more and more. I'm deciding now between shooting DKC Torpedo style frames almost exclusively or possibly Metbro style frames. I just like the small stuff.

In Topic: Bamboo and Oak Torpedo PFS.

14 May 2017 - 12:48 AM

Nicely Done! That was one of the first shooters I made... and destroyed trying to shoot it. :blush:

A lot of guys have said the Torpedo was hard to shoot without fork hits.
For me it is the first PFS I can shoot without turning or tweaking. Even Marbles.
But the huge amount of variables and personal preference is part of the mystique of slingshots IMO.
that's awesome sir, it's tough to step up to a shooter and say "I aint gonna tweak ya" when you know that often it's the only failsafe... I'm not a twister either, and it's so liberating to shoot the way you feel cozy, especially when everyone says it's wrong...good shooter too !

I discovered that I didn't need to turn the pouch or tweak by accident. I made a multiplex Torpedo prototype to see how it shot before this one.

I was shooting a nattie and then pulled the Torpedo out of my pocket and without thinking I shot it like any other slingshot. On the third shot I realised what was happening. I use fairly heavy bands for my EDC. And I realised that when I let them go my fork hand automatically did a little flip.

It was a eurika moment.

But I will admit. I was bracing for the worst the first time I shot marbles and then 9/16ths steel out of this nice one.
I hadn't even taken the "glamour shots" yet. :P

I really have to wonder if turning the pouch really does anything. In the slow motion videos I've seen the pouch straightens out well before the ball leaves it. Of course that was with a wider fork.

I have a feeling though that most people are doing a small tweak when they turn the pouch, whether they mean to or not.

Anyway. Thanks HP, SN, and everyone that has been so kind here.

In Topic: When you notice your flat bands starting to tear how soon do you change them .

13 May 2017 - 09:01 PM

I wouldn't risk it. A freaky break while snapping back could throw the shot into your hand.

In Topic: Compact, Ambidextrous Olive Pocket Shooter

13 May 2017 - 06:52 PM

****. This is lovely. And the perfect size. If my sling budget wasn't in the negatives I wouldn't even think about it.

Someone who likes small frames like me is sure to swoop in on this.
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