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In Topic: Huhak's own sling No.26 [Zelkova slingshot]

Today, 04:30 AM

Quite a nice frame.

In Topic: Another "Tree-Bojoe" collaboration

Today, 04:27 AM

Folks; THAT is a fine piece of kit.
 I don't know that tube hook up. I tried  something similar and failed.


I did not think of ball in tube. That might save one I have been working on. Thanx for the reply.

. Hi Flipgun, this setup is easy 3\16 hole going down from the top and 3\8 in the back. Run some emery cord through to smooth the sides and that's it. Adjust hole sizes for larger tubes. Hope this helps.

In Topic: Let me see pictures of the nicest looking slingshot you've ever seen.

Yesterday, 07:43 PM

That one is gonna be hard to beat. Got to my favorite!!

In Topic: Another "Tree-Bojoe" collaboration

Yesterday, 07:31 PM

A BIG THANKS to all you guys for the nice comments!

In Topic: Best cheap looped tube slingshot?

Yesterday, 07:27 PM

Hey Luck over skill im diggin that red one! That's nice.
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