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In Topic: How to stop OTT handslap.

Today, 03:41 AM

You don't have to if you twist the pouch.

really? anything from a .177 b.b. to an inch sized ball of lead?  same set up?  

i naturally shoot with a slight twist. sometimes the pouch can be too thick or heavy also. 

just pay attention to the feel of the weight in the pouch as its moving. 

its just about finding a style that suits you and what you primarily shoot with all around. 

( so many variables ! )

In Topic: How to stop OTT handslap.

Yesterday, 02:01 PM

I just go up in ammo weight to match the bands/tubes power.

In Topic: Talk to me about .177 BB's

Yesterday, 03:09 AM

theres so much to suggest, just remember one thing- light pouch for b.b.s is a must. 

and its just like everything else, find one that your comfortable with. small, big, thin, wide- your choice.

as for bands, ever start out by trying just single strands of rubber bands first?  some #64's or the red #32's(like the kind used to roll up newspapers). until you try some things first, we cant really suggest to you what could be better. have you found your draw length and anchor your comfortable with? tubes? flat bands? heres a couple of pics of what ive used in the past with b.b.s  hope it helps with giving you a start. 



In Topic: Two for One - A couple small naturals.

20 March 2017 - 11:34 AM

Thanks guys.  Yeah, the one on the right is ultra comfortable.  It resembles another one I did a while back, but that one was a touch bigger.

I never saw the shark in it, but when you added that fin and those teeth, it made me laugh (out loud at work no less).  I see it now, with the shape and the knot for the eye.

every time you use it, the jaws soundtrack will be playing in your head now. 

In Topic: Why do you think archery is more popular then slingshots ?

20 March 2017 - 04:01 AM

Nicely put Imperial. A nice short version of what I have been trying to get across.

i have my moments  :) 

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