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Thomas Display Shelf

Today, 03:49 PM

One of our sons was a HUGE Thomas and train fan when he was younger. He's now 10 and has has phased out of them, but still had a soft spot for trains. While he didn't want his train table on display in the basement any more, he still wanted to keep trains a part of his childhood.

We have a ton of them, wood and metal, and they will hopefully get passed on to is kid(s) when the time comes. For now, we decided to make a Thomas blue shelf, to house them. The shelves are dado fitted to the sides and have dado channels for the trains to run in and sit.

I used my limited woodworking and his help, to finish this off today. It is now painted, distressed and full of trains. Once this one got full and we still had a bunch of favorites still in a basket, I was told I would be making a second one!




33' Card Cut

Yesterday, 03:25 PM

Second video attempt at a 33' card cut.   I didn't walk the camera up after each shot, as the camera was focused on the card.


I took a few shots at it, but finally got it on #5 I think, then rambled on about my catch box and life.  My secondary goal was to incorporate as many clamps and vices as I could into the card holder.  Hands are dirty from some yard work, plus it's the weekend, I don't shower.  :screwy:




Full, unedited video:


SloMo of cut:


72f91ba6-4711-46d2-9fd9-b916f57de227.gif 1) You cannot use lasers or enhanced optics like a magnified scope.
72f91ba6-4711-46d2-9fd9-b916f57de227.gif 2) You must support the weapon yourself, no benchrests, prone shooting or resting the elbows on a solid surface.
     3) Shoulder stocks, wrist braces, are allowed ... and if you want to shoot while sitting down, that's fine too.
72f91ba6-4711-46d2-9fd9-b916f57de227.gif 4) Ammo should be .60 caliber (15 mm) or smaller.

72f91ba6-4711-46d2-9fd9-b916f57de227.gif The video must be unedited. The target must be clearly visible, reasonably close up, and the shooter must be visible. Note: the target must be visible for the entire shooting sequence ... that is to avoid any possibility of switching or manipulating the target.


72f91ba6-4711-46d2-9fd9-b916f57de227.gif Distance verification:

When shooting, the shooter should stand behind a visible barrier of some sort ... a table, a saw horse, a concrete block, etc. Immediately after the shooting, the distance must be verified by tape measure. The distance must be measured on camera, from the front of the catch box to the shooting position. The video should also show a clear view down the entire range. The best bet is to have the tape in place before you start your video. After you are done shooting and have verified the cut, you may then verify the distance by showing the beginning and end of the tape.

Another Axiom Champ

Yesterday, 08:58 AM

Still in the works, but coming along nicely.

This was a fugly piece of wood from my folks wood pile that I picked up on a whim. Not sure the wood, but feels and has the density of oak.

Triple fork:

Triple fork:




Spindle sanding:

Measuring and remeasuring:

Rounding over edges:

Finished with hand files & rough sandpaper:

More pics to come, hopefully I'll get to the finishing stages later this weekend.

Oh so close to a my first 33' card cut

26 May 2017 - 06:17 PM

Everyone was busing doing stuff around here, so I decided to try a Card Cut on camera before the sun went down.


33', TBG 3/4" to 5/8" tapers, SimpleShot Torque, 3/8" steel, bedtime Sriracha shirt and my knickers.  I wasn't sure how far it cut through when I walked up, buy my heart sank when I saw it wasn't a through and through.


I guess I'll try again.  :banghead:


A couple of pencil shots with a natural

05 May 2017 - 07:22 PM

I've been asked jokingly if I only make slingshots or do I shoot them too, as it seems I have a new natural every couple days. [emoji12]

I do shoot them, just don't post many videos and probably don't shoot nearly as much as I should or others do. I'm trying to change that, the shooting part at least. I'll probably never be one to post many videos, it's just not me. This is more to show the newer shooters "Aim small, miss small". I haven't been at this long but do notice I shoot better when I aim at smaller targets.

Here are a couple shots I just made a few minutes ago, first time shooting this natural and seem to have taken a liking to it.

Bike Ride Natural "Mommy", 3/8" TBG, some 1/4" steel, 33'



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