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In Topic: slingshot morero , encina , cerezo

Today, 10:41 AM


Nice work.

In Topic: 33' Card Cut

Today, 09:57 AM

Thanks again guys.

It sure felt good to get it. I will be sure to keep at it though, I don't want it to be a one time thing.

My next personal feat will be a match light. Just have to pick some up and see if the local ones are crap or not.

In Topic: Another Axiom Champ

Today, 09:50 AM

I almost done want to do any finish on it.

Sanded to a high gloss, mirror finish, no oil or wax yet:




In Topic: 33' Card Cut

Yesterday, 10:55 PM

Thanks guys.

Again, when I walked up I wasn't sure if it was a full cut, but was happy to see it was.

I said I was going to get it, but had my doubts. Or, I'd get it and the camera wouldn't be recording or the batteries would konk out.

In Topic: Modern vs. Traditional

Yesterday, 09:11 PM

Traditional, but with modern advancements. Modern frame slingshot have great improvements in band attachment, strength, materials and feel.

Also, there is something to be said for keepin the old ways around. It is why I cook over wood/charcoal, use pedal power to commute, paddle on the water, spin vinyl to listen to music, start my campfires with a flint/steel, shave with a razor that is over 60y old and use a brush and puck of soap....you get the idea.

Sometimes the old ways are superior AND more fun. It goes for Slingshots​ and all my other interests listed above.
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