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Genoa Slingshot

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In Topic: 1 SHOT 2 KILLS. Double match light with the PPMG

Today, 03:25 PM

Great shooting mate

Thanks a lot mate! :)

In Topic: 2 shots same hole

Today, 11:54 AM

PM sent

In Topic: 2 shots same hole

Today, 11:24 AM

I'm going to be in italy in less the 20 days can't wait :)

In Chiavari? Write me!!!

In Topic: SSOTM May 2017 -- Voting!

Today, 09:49 AM

votint for your favorite color or whatever and not the best slingshot makes SSOTM a Participation Award.

Do you know what mean the word "HYPOCRITICAL"
The following are your words when one hand was nominated for the SSOTM and it won the silver prize and you declared to have voted it.
"As a previous winner, I have no objections to MJ "frameless" inclusion in this contest. I does not diminish in any way how I feel about winning.
It appears to me that their are a few slingshots in this contest that are either copies or have been influenced heavily by pre-existing frames. So to point that out about MJ's is a bit one sided.
I voted for the frameless slingshot as its novelty and cheeky nature appeales to me."

I feel Ike I might be the only one of us that knows the definition! Hahaha. Also and this will prob come as a surprise to you but being hypocritical does not make one necessarily wrong. And I still stand by my choice. I gave distinct reasons to support my selection.

In Topic: 2 shots same hole

Today, 07:26 AM

Nice shooting!!!
Yes, two shots are exactly in the same hole...very nice!
The target seems a little bit larger of a soda can. I mean for the SSF badge rules, the diameter must be 54mm, like the inner circle of a soda can.
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