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"Silent Slim"

Yesterday, 03:26 PM

More then a few of the vintage slingshots had innovations that the makers thought would set them apart from the rest of the pack.

Things like ammo storage, ammo dispensers, sights, double bands, special grips, special pouches.

The Silent Slim was one such slingshot. It had an extra long handle (don't know why ) but the thing that catches your eye is the sighting system.

I've seen a lot of these that had the sight or scope blown away ( for obvious reasons ).

The location being right in the throat is great for sighting but if you're off a bit on your release- well, bye bye scope!!!

This is original with the package,ammo packet and instructions. I never shot it for fear of snapping the old bands or worse, blowing the sighting ring away.

Pretty "dicey" arrangement don't you think ? Still pretty cool anyway!


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Honey Mesquite Burl And Marblewood Build

20 June 2017 - 06:24 PM

I love Burl wood.

I had some Mesquite that I just had to use for a slingshot for myself.

So I took a page out of Jim Harris bag of tricks and came up with this.

A chunky 1" thick frame with a 1/16" thick Aluminum core- sandwiched by yellow .030" G10 spacers, with body covered in Honey Mesquite Burl and a handle and prong tips of marblewood.

It's a smaller frame height and width wise then my usual but the thickness fits me perfect.

I liked the grain so much I said no to any pins for fear of cracking the Burl or marring the excellent grain.

Fun build!!!

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Vintage Slingshots

19 June 2017 - 02:06 PM

Thanks to Aaron and the Adminstrating staff, we now have a Vintage Slingshots Sub-Forum. I guess we should start with a few simple rules.


I'm thinking any slingshot over 10 years old can be considered vintage.


Slingshot can be homemade or commercial.


Slingshot does not have to be shootable.


Picture of slingshot along with description/history a must.


Vintage slingshot accessories such as ammo packets, extra bands, holsters ,old booklets the came with the slingshots etc.


Slingshot doesn't have to be from U.S. Can be from any country.


Anyone else care to add anything or any disagreement, let me know.


I think this will be a good informative sub-forum!


Oh yeah, thanks to Gopher for the idea!

""""! FINALLY !""""

03 June 2017 - 02:07 PM

Yep, got me a genuine Rufus Hussey Beanshooter-FINALLY!!!

It's a junior model-#11,142. I found out Rufus made a few models. He made a regular Beanshooter, a Magnum, a Ladies a Derringer a Junior and the rarest of them all is a "Stork" Tiny Beanshooter.

Rufus would give these little "Stork" shooters to pregnant women that passed by his booth at the fairs that the local towns held.

This one I got was un-used. Everything is all on it. The lady who sold it wrote me a nice note telling me about the shooter.

( See attached Pictures ). Now, I want all of his models. That may take me another 60 years!!!

Check out the pictures!


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Another Vintage Frame

29 May 2017 - 04:05 PM

I recently picked this one up. It's a Native Weapons slingshot advertised in a few Outdoor magazines back in 1967. This one was never used -all original and came with the original shipping package and all the papers ( Love That! ). Two things I noticed right off.This is the oldest slingshot I can remember that came with thin diameter"Chinese Tubes" and also it being constructed from Baltic Birch. I didn't know either items were around for that long. Another cool slingshot from my childhood. P.S. I actually had one of these back in 1967 along with a few other wood slingshots ( I never remembered it having tubes though.It had chained 64? school rubbers . ). Anyway, I had a car fire back in the 1979 that took a few of my wood slingshots that I had with me. Lost a few but got all of them back except for a "Big Archie and a Jato"-which I'm still looking for. I just can't seem to stop collecting. I just love these things!!!!!!


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