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Sling Mail......For Me!

43 minutes ago

Yep. Reached into the mailbox the other day and-BUBBLE PACKAGE! Love getting stuff in the mail!

This time it was a "Kestrel" slingshot design by Dan- "Gopher" on the forum. We recently decided to trade.

This handleless frame, very cool ,is crafted from Baltic Birch and Purple Heart with a paracord lanyard and three brass ferrules-two for a tube attachment if desired and one for the lanyard.

I love this little "Half Shot"! I've seen a few of these on the forum before but never made one or shot one. I have to say it is comfortable, very light. easily hides in pocket ( great for around here! ) and it's fun shooting it.

I rigged up a light set of flat TBG and a 3 hole pouch, threw a few empty plastic pint water bottles out in the field behind where I work and went to it. Missed the first two shots then hit the next 4-What a blast! Lotta fun shooting this little guy! Thanks so much Dan. I always did admire your work and now I get to see and use it first hand-SCORE!!!



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Favorite game played growing up

16 March 2017 - 05:21 PM

This could be an outdoor game-baseball,football etc. or any other type game, puzzle, board game, video etc. Any type game at all.

Explain the game an anything about it you care to share.

I'll start it off.


I played a ton of games as a kid. I was always outside. Of all the games inside or out I ever played, nothing compared to Stickball!


All that was needed was a "High Bouncer" or some of the kids called them "Spaldeens" a semi hard grayish-pinkish high bouncing rubber ball the size ( maybe slightly smaller) then a tennis ball.


Then you would would need a cut down broom stick- (Moms would always wonder what happened to their brooms that started out long and suddenly became only the brush part?).


Then you would need a place to play. It would be either on a city block or in a playground or anywhere there was a wall to throw the ball up against.


There was 2 types of Stickball-Fast Pitch and "on a bounce".We played both but the most popular was "on a bounce".


When we played, the pitcher threw to the batter on one bounce- always overhand and the batter would get one swing-miss it you're out -hit it and run the bases (which were the tires of parked cars ) BTW


the pitchers mound was some spit smeared with your sneaker to mark a line on the street-(very high tech ).Two fouls ( foul tips )and you're out also.


Anything hit on a fly over the cemetery wall or 3 sewer plates was a homer ( home run). When we didn't have enough kids to play-very rare ( usually 5-6 to a side )we would set boundaries.


So far is a single-past that car is a double-past that hydrant is a triple-etc.


The greatest feeling was when you connected with the sweet spot on that bat ( about 6-8 inches from the end ) and hit that ball-the sound and the feeling you just knew it was GONE!


Let me tell you that ball would really take off-and with enough force to break noses- I know because I saw it happen! Some real long homer were hit. It was the best!


To me the greatest game ever!!!!!!

New Slingshot Book Review!

22 February 2017 - 03:26 PM

Got home from work yesterday and in the mail was a brand new book on slingshots written by Jack Koehler!  It's called "All About Slingshots".

I could not put it down until it was finished. Jack has a nice easy style of writing and explaining things.

This book has some of the regular information but then it also has a nice section on aiming and sighting slingshots and other useful information.

Our sport is in it's glory right now, with all kinds slingshots and shooters, forums, videos, tournaments and many new comers to the sport.

A great time for a well written book on slingshots!

This is Jack's second book on slingshots and it is a great read. I highly recommend it.

You can get a copy on Jack's web site" SuperShooting.com" and I think Nathan is carrying it also at "Simple-Shot Shooting Sports"

I think it is on the other main book sites like Amazon also.

Price is $16.95 and like I said-great read and a must for the slingshot shooter whether old timer or first timer!

Check it out! Well done Jack!

67 degrees in Jersey? I'm fishing!

19 February 2017 - 04:22 PM

Yep,it was 67 today! I know a few ponds that would ice out fast-especially since yesterday and the day before were near 50. Went to a few small ponds in the area and caught two small Pickerel from shore. Got them on a #3 Gold Mepps inline spinner. Beautiful day to be out! No Bass but I'll take a Pickerel. They fight quite nice! FUN!

Better accuracy? Try this!

09 February 2017 - 06:38 PM

I have some medical issues with my left arm and shoulder. It makes holding a strong drawing slingshot difficult and of course the accuracy suffers.

This may sound so simple as to be a stupid statement but the cure for better accuracy is a weaker band set.

If you've ever noticed on some of those Spanish and Italian slingshot tournament videos the bands they use aren't all that thick and would probably have a tough time throwing a 1/2" steel ball with any authority.

I noticed this when I was having a real issue with "Target Panic". The weaker band set let me hold ( or try to ) on the Bullseye longer.

I currently use Black Theraband cut 7/8" straight 7 3/4" active length, with a 30" draw shooting 3/8"steel ammo at ten meters.

Nice and easy draw and still gives me a satisfying noise when I hit the target ( cans )-and best of all less pain in the arm and shoulder.

Give it a try! ( The targets will hate you for it! )

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