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James West

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In Topic: The last gen one custom targa

23 May 2017 - 03:17 PM

Cracking frame Emily

In Topic: 1 SHOT 2 KILLS. Double match light with the PPMG

23 May 2017 - 03:13 PM

Great shooting mate

In Topic: Messing about with cards at 10metres

16 May 2017 - 02:58 PM

Nice shooting Emily

In Topic: Hi hi hi guys

14 May 2017 - 03:15 PM

Very very nice

In Topic: 7 shots at a ukca target @ 10 meters with my Rayshot champ

14 May 2017 - 03:13 PM

In an effort to stay free of Spazmo's clutches I started trying the dipsy-doodle move you make with your slingshot holding arm.  It's come to be known as "giving it the Westy."  I was can shooting yesterday when SoftPretzel, hearing shots break but no can impacts, hollered out the window, "Give it the Westy!"  You know I hit the next eleven in a row...   :)
You're a bonafide Master James.  It's a pleasure to watch you shoot.

Give it the westy sounds a bit like a dance move hahaha
Thank you mate
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