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Alfred E. Monkeynipples

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28 May 2017 - 05:05 PM

All 3 original Dankung Luck Rings - Standard, Standard ergo (rare) and a Micro.  


The larger frames are in perfect condition, the Micro has 2 small divots, the larger hit shows in the pic.


$67.   One buyer, Paypal, contus only.

Thinning Out the Harem

17 May 2017 - 01:29 PM

Four slingshots - $45.   

All near new, no damage of any kind.


Jelly Bean with removable palm swell.

Dead Ringer with new unused blue band set.

(2nd time I've owned both of the above).

Two Dankung POM frames. 


One buyer, one mailing, one swell foop ( I may have lisdexia).


No trades, Paypal and contus only. 


Fun Numbers We Take for Granted

28 March 2017 - 09:06 PM

My slingshot can propel a BB @ 250 feet per second or a little over 170 MPH ... for a short distance.


The earth spins on its axis, counter clockwise from west to east at about 1000 MPH, a familiar one revolution every 24 hours.


The earth moves in its orbit around the sun at 18.5 miles a second, about 67,000 MPH, roughly 1.6 million miles thru space every 24 hours.


The sun and solar system orbit the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at 140 miles per second, 515,000 MPH, 12.3 million miles in 24 hours.


Our Milky Way Galaxy belongs to a cluster of nearby galaxies called the Local Group, moving around its center at 25 miles per second, 2.16 million miles per day.


The local group is moving at 375 miles per second, 32.4 million miles per day, toward the Virgo Cluster, an enormous cluster of galaxies about 45 million light years away, which is also moving.


Have a NICE day!   :)



Pom Poms

02 March 2017 - 01:20 PM

I have the BB shootin' blues.   


Check out the cool little vented pouch that Dankung will soon be selling.


15 February 2017 - 07:07 PM

There are some talented people here who collectively have many neat tools and trick ways of doing things.   This thread is to encourage any who want to share some unique ideas and methods, even secrets, that might help to boost creativity among us.   I'll start -


Here's a soft jawed clothespin vice used by gunsmiths for bedding rifle barrels - great for holding a work piece firmly without marring while shaping.Attached File  DSCN0301.JPG   68.04KB   30 downloads

Attached File  DSCN0300.JPG   78.5KB   22 downloads


Sanding belts make good sanding blocks.   Cut a piece of hardwood to almost an interference fit.   They last a long time.

Attached File  DSCN0303.JPG   122.62KB   23 downloads

Attached File  DSCN0304.JPG   93.45KB   20 downloads


A miniature spoke shave can be a useful shaping tool.   www.zonatool.net

Attached File  DSCN0302.JPG   106.32KB   22 downloads

Attached File  DSCN0307.JPG   93.05KB   24 downloads


A coffee can of various sizes of PVC makes for an organized, accessible way to store files.

Attached File  DSCN0309.JPG   107.96KB   22 downloads


A cold bent rebar hacksaw provides just the right heft and tension for UNBELIEVABLE sawing capability.   While enrolled in a welding lab one summer, I bent up 55 of these - this was the first.   A few were sold, the rest were given away.

Attached File  DSCN0305.JPG   349.37KB   24 downloads


So that's a start.   I hope some of the monster talents around here will share some of their creativity, we'll all be better for it.





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