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Alfred E. Monkeynipples

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In Topic: Scam alert %^*#**

Today, 01:23 PM

I get at least 30 spam emails a day - 'Russian beauties for hot dates ... instant loan approval for $35,000 ... get a rock hard johnson that makes the ladies scream' etc.   I need a cyber tool that I can send to any spam generating computer causing it to melt down ...   ZAP, you're a pile of goo.


Call center jobs should be outlawed - they're burglars breaking into my home via the phone lines.   Mercy, up to a dozen rude sales/survey calls a day - they all begin with a chatty 'How you doin' today' then launch into the spiel and you can't shout them down.   A blast from a referee's whistle is fun but by the time you hang up, your blood pressure has spiked to the moon.   Anymore, I respond with a cryptic 'Eat shyt', then hang up quickly and block the number.  


Modern living generates tons of aggravation - I spend way too much time muting commercials and looking away, blocking calls, and filtering/deleting rubbish.   The most corrupt, dishonest people (along with politicians and lawyers) work in advertising/marketing and since I can't tease them all with my cattle prod, I may just go off the grid ... live like the Uni-bomber in Montana with my slingshot, lol.  



In Topic: Talk to me about .177 BB's

Yesterday, 11:43 AM

If you haven't already, read thru forum member Metropolicity's  voluminous content, member title "The BB Man'.

In Topic: a day of plinking, compressed.

Yesterday, 01:45 AM

Comfortable and confident with bareback, thanx for the lesson.


Glad to know you don't look like your avatar - a transgender Charles Krauthammer - at least not so much.

Unfortunately, I am my avatar. 



In Topic: Folding Altoids Slingshot Has Become My Everyday Shooter

20 March 2017 - 04:03 PM

Clever design Winnie.   BTW, were you ever able to recover the EDC that fell in the lake?


+1 on the naked feeling.   I've turned around and returned home to retrieve a forgotten shooter or pepper spray - yup, it's a neurosis.   :)

In Topic: rasp/file set

19 March 2017 - 06:46 PM

I've been a filing peasant all my life.   Keep in mind, tools are usually a lifetime investment.   When you need it, you're glad it's there.

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