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Pigeon for pie

22 June 2017 - 05:47 PM

20+ yard crop-shot (couldn't get any closer)
6.4 gram lead round split shot #2 by Southbend
25-20mm TBG (8" active, 42" draw)
Scout gen2 (blemished model)
Supersure pouch

I'm really liking the lead split shot...the size is 10.25mm, or just under .41cal....and with the band set I'm using, it hits really hard, and has a flat trajectory over quite a long distance....it dropped this guy like a brick...

I would prefer to get within 15 yards of these guys, but they won't allow me to anymore....they are on to me :/

Thx for viewing

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Just bought these at Dollarama

17 June 2017 - 12:23 PM

9'×6.25" (125cm×15cm) medium resistance....$2.50
Both red AND blue are "medium" resistance, so I guess blue is for boys and red is for girls, maybe? Lol

I'm gonna open them and cut a single set of both for comparison...not expecting much, really...but hey, who knows? They might end up being good bb bands...6d523db6913a77217e7186533027c68e.jpg

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Last pigeon needed for the pie shell...

05 June 2017 - 05:50 PM

I went shad fishing with a lady friend this afternoon. On the way home we stopped under a favorite overpass hunting spot, where I bagged this gorgeous bird!

40 ft crop shot
Scout Gen2 by Flippinout Slingshots
1" straight cut GZK bands (they are great bands)
7.1g lead bean

I now have six full double breasts... I just have to figure out which recipe I should choose for my first pigeon pie....any suggestions?


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Think it's time?

18 May 2017 - 04:20 PM

My two year old asked me if she could try one of my scouts...she could've chosen the cans...but, she obviously knows the secret to better accuracy...aim small, miss small...lol

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Holy Crap Surprise Slingmail! (Pic heavy)

11 May 2017 - 01:21 PM

The mail man dropped off a package addressed to "Mr Mi'kmaq Warrior"...return address name was "Your Friends"
I wasn't expecting anything from any forum members because I haven't engaged in any trades lately...so, i was confused...and hoping that I didn't forget about a transaction that I had signed up for. Anyway, I opened up the package and was completely blown away with not only the contents...but also by the thoughtfulness and heartfelt intent behind the gift. (I got choked up a bit more than I would like to admit to...and my wife literally teared up.)

I've admired the work of both @treeman and @lbojoe since joining, but their collaborations are literal works of art, and I am so lucky to now own one!

These guys had to do some homework and self educating in order to nail this one.

They added the Mi'kmaq eight point star - which represents the eight Mi'kmaq districts AND the 4 directions (in traditional colors)...they also incorporated the moon and star from our flag..they set-in an actual hand flint-knapped arrowhead,...they engraved feathers and additional fork tips bear claw designs just took it a huge step further...all tied off neatly with a leather braided lanyard with feathers...WOW...(and two hunting bandsets)

What really got me was the greeting on the note because it was in my Native language...
Kwé means "hello"
Me'tal-wlein means "how are you"

The attention to detail and the time taken to learn about my culture is priceless to me (getting choked up again).

Chris & Joe - first of all, Welei "I am fine"... secondly, you were concerned about doing my people and culture justice, but you needn't be....this shooter encompasses all of it! I am soooo honored and feel greatly respected by your gift and the time you put into it...
I know you probably both intend me to use it, but I will be honest, it is going on my wall...I may shoot it a couple of times, but then it is being displayed...it will be the centerpiece of my collection, forever..
Welalioq - thanks to you both... I could go on forever, but will stop now...lol...

Your friend, Len (MW) Msit no'kmaq aq nmu'ltes



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