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Fork identification help, please...

Yesterday, 11:24 AM

I just cut this...I thought it was a young birch but once I got it home in the warmth of my house I noticed how green the rings are...And a thick, paste is losing from the most outer ring just under the bark....It is sticky and has a fruity/spicy smell...

Here are some pics (sorry for the bad quality) any help is appreciated..

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Ray Bourque meet, greet, & signing!

20 January 2017 - 03:21 PM

Today I got to meet one of my hockey heroes, Ray Bourque and he was such a nice guy...very approachable and talkative. He signed my jersey and two hockey cards...Then posed for pics with me and my best friend. He signed for over 200 people and did it with class!
I also met Stephane Richer who was also very nice, and he had a great sense of humor...He signed as well, but I was there to meet Ray Bourque...Lol
I'm the dark haired hatless guy next to one of the greatest d-men of all-time...
It was a fun experience, that doesn't happen here very often...Had a blast!!

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Meeting Ray Boutique, today!

20 January 2017 - 06:10 AM

Windsor Nova Scotia is the birthplace of hockey, and every year we have a out door tournament and old-timers game on Long Pond (the actual pond where hockey was invented)
This year Ray Bourque is headlining the whole event (along with two other retired NHLrs)
Tomorrow is the game/tourny & banquet, and today is the meet and greet. He's signing autographs, so I've dug out a few of his hockey cards and a jersey...

I'm kinda excited to meet him as I grew up watching him play every other Saturday night on Hockey Night in Canada!

Will post pics later this evening!!!

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First of 2017 - Oak Natty (pic heavy)

18 January 2017 - 01:56 PM

Since it worked well on the maple natty's, I decided to roast an oak fork, and I was pleasantly surprised at how it made the grain pop...

I shaped it so it is reversible...it can be held in upright or gangster...And it is really comfortable in either style...

Sanded to 600 grit...finished with four thin coats of BLO + three thin coats of tru-oil 300509c6ff8ff21619c6ad6afd27431a.jpg3900f907eff8e36c3452e080fc1e5b7f.jpga25f257d0eaffc2802d2cc395e102dc7.jpgded32e90230febe005676a3c611beaa4.jpg5a54ec0c1d851311333016c56b369208.jpg1281b9aeb365695af03c9b7123d2e06e.jpg47ab46f44f5fa3fb21d6756261dfb639.jpg89f43ee154a488e10bdf3f8a2fbe2799.jpg5f54dae930ec11947a9fdb70f74d94d3.jpg5b58523ca1dfd332eef290df4de89f92.jpg16e3fef0ef8662b2f678eaa3745e6db3.jpge9f3b2bbc25e7f67806a713b071c4e6c.jpg

Hope you like it :)


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Quality fork hunting time with my eldest son, the city-boy!

16 January 2017 - 02:55 PM

I have five children in total...
Three boys - Sebastian (24), Zachary (22), Alexander (21)
Two girls - Kitpuj'ij (12) and Mui'ne'j (2)
The two oldest boys were raised by their momma's of two previous relationships (I was a bit wild in my younger days) and although I was in their lives, they didn't learn the important daily lessons that my other kids did...I'm a strong believer in teaching my children how to be self sufficient...There may be a time when they won't be able to simply go to the store for meat and bread. Anyway, I am going somewhere with this...Just have to get back on point...Lol...So..

My oldest son, Sebastian, lived with his mom in the city of Halifax for the majority of his life, only to visit me, my wife, his brothers and sisters, on holidays, spring/summer break etc. He's just recently (this past weekend) finally decided to move in with my wife and I, and his sister's...Out in the country!
I am stoked to have him with us...And it gives me an opportunity to turn him into a woodsman!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to go cut some forks with him, and show him how to make a natty, catty...so we took our beagle, Apli'kmuj, deep into the woods and harvested these fine forks. Sebastian had a blast...He wants to go back tomorrow to set some rabbit snares!

We are microwaving a few right now...And will be gittin' at 'er soon 'nuff!
I can't wait to see his face when the wood takes on a whole new character during the first coat of BLO :)

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