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Folding Altoids Slingshot Has Become My Everyday Shooter

20 March 2017 - 01:34 PM

Throughout the years there have been several Altoids Tin slingshot competitions, the last two run by Charles and me.  For the last competition I made a shooter that I have kept as a backup in my motorcycle bag (since I sponsored the competition I don't think I entered mine at the time).  Recently my left neck has been acting up so I dug out the old Altoids shooter because it is symmetrical and I can shoot right handed with it.


I'm liking is so much that it has become my everyday shooter.  The bands are 3/4 inch x 1/2 x 13.5 inches so it is a small game hunter using 7/16 steel.


I always have a slingshot in my pocket and carrying this one loaded and ready to go is so simple and easy that I was thinking if anyone was interested in a small slingshot that will handle any bands you want to put on it that this might be if interest them.


BTW, my slingshots - because I always carry - have to be small and fit comfortably in my pocket.  Small, strong, yet comfortable is what I am looking for.  Very, very basic.  This one is made of 1/4 inch silk micarta and is only 3 inches by 3.5 inches when unfolded and set up (I leave it set up so I can pre-load it and shoot it quickly).


Ugly Slingshot Contest

13 February 2017 - 11:34 AM

Awhile back we were talking ugly slingshots and the idea of an "ugly slingshot competition" came up.


I think it's time.


Contest Rules:


The contest will run from today through Saturday February 25th.


The slingshot must be "ugly".  The trick is what is ugly.  I'm not talking about just an unfinished chunk of wood or a fork fresh off a tree.  Unconventional might be another word.  Burls, cracks, knots, odd mechanical stuff, small, big.  Odd.  Odd might be a another word.  One of those board cut experiments or that natural fork that has crazy twists and turns.  Weird.  We'll have to work it out as we go.  I suppose it can even be beautiful in it's unconventionality. 


It must be finished.


It must be able to shoot.


The prize will be a couple of feet of TBG and a rotary cutter - unless the winner is outside of the USA, in which case I'll just send off enough cash (US) to purchase your own where you live.


Let's see what you've got.







A Pleasant Sight

08 September 2016 - 01:41 PM

Yesterday evening after getting off work I took a back road home and came across a father and son (I would guess the son was 7 or 8), both with slingshots, prowling around the bushes where I often stop and relax a bit before going home.  I stopped my truck and started a conversation about slingshots and was able to give them a little bit if input plus I had a poly slingshot with me I was able to give them along with a handful of 7/16 balls.

I thought it was really cool in this day and age to see a father and son shooting together in town.



15 August 2016 - 10:25 AM

To anyone in the real world this would be no big deal but to me it's giant.


I have mentioned many times on the forum how I carry a pre-loaded slingshot in my pocket every waking moment.  I've been carrying one slingshot, with very few exceptions, for six years.  History, patina, completely comfortable etc., etc.


Saturday I was fishing with a friend and decided to do a little bit of shooting.  As I was releasing the boat moved and I got a fork hit which knocked my slingshot out of my hand and into the lake.  I got it to loop around my fishing pole but ultimately lost it. 


I sat and watched it sink into the murky depths.


An existential moment that only my fellow slingshoters can appreciate.


To make matters worse my wife said "maybe you can break your habit now".   


Yea, right.



What Have You Broken?

25 April 2016 - 12:37 PM

Reading about Yosemite Sam's punching a hole in his downspout (Oh Crap, April 23) made me think of some of the things I've broken through the years in my quest to shoot.


I've been shooting a long time but the accidents that come readily to mind involved shooting from my truck.  There is a spot overlooking Puget Sound not far from my office and for years I have parked after work and taken a bit of a break to unwind before heading home.  I'll read a magazine or a journal or listen to the radio and shoot my slingshot out the passenger side of the truck, across the road and into a steep hillside.  Twice through the years I have ricocheted a ball off of my thumb (due to a bad pouch) and broken my passenger side mirror.  Having to pay over $100 each time I can fairly say that it was like adding an insult to an injury.  Then there was the time that I clipped the 1/8 inch of window sticking up out of the passenger side door and, of course, the whole window shattered down inside the door.  I can't remember what that one cost me, but, I don't shoot across the seat and out that window anymore. 


All part of the price we pay for our sport.



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