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let's go

    Gun fu Yung.  What is it?  Yikes the Chinese hostesses are coming with guns!

    Hah, looks like a movie shoot.  She's leaned so far back that thing would knock her down if she pulled the trigger.

    Yer right....just wondering what sort of gun system this is...it's got a rail, two cylindrical things below the barrel... Daisy CO2 grenade launcher? LOL


    I  dunno if she dyed her hair but I really dislike it when Asians and Latinas dye their hair some unnatural color... shiny black rules. It frames the face better than browns or, heaven forbid, fake red.  Part of the mystique of Asians and Latinas is that long black hair, black eyebrows and brown eyes.  Just my take.

    Yup Chuck

    i agree.

    Chuck I think this may be something similar to a DP12  shotgun.  As to hair color, my mom was mostly Asian & had very reddish hair naturally but she had Vietnamese/Chinese & French in her ancestry.  Not impossible for them to have red or reddish hair.  Here in Hawaii there is a lot of mixed ancestry & I once saw a little girl that had 100% Korean features but had flaming red hair & bright blue eyes.

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