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can't take it huh ?! The effect of too heavy tubes on a board cut. Not a fork hit this time.

    stop that work out !!! u braking your beautiful  slingis !!!

    beside i have some latex tubing from " flippingoutnathan" should i send u some? pm me if so


    Thanks amigo :) Well, it was one of my early ones before I learned about the vulnerability of board cuts.
    Actually I have been told to cut back on the upper body workouts. The Boss wants WonderWoman...not The Incredible Hulk....and I think the gym trainer is a little alarmed that I am lifting more than him now.

    So Theratube Silver is as far as I'm going to get.

    UNLESS one can devise a LEG powered slingshot. With the amount I'm doing on the legpress machine we would be talking heavy artillery !

    That's a lovely offer on the tubing. I'm expecting a large quantity of assorted latex to come from the States soon in a swap. When I know what I've got I'll PM you

    all the best

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