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    It ' a small idea to make quick attack of the tubes . also the elastic definitely have the same length with respect to the pouch . It seemed like a nice and functional idea. Now I'll have to try it...
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a new idea in banding, and one fast way to change rubber too. Nice finish on the frame and nice sculpting, the pinky tang helps stabilize the frame too. A very g...
  • sling3
    Absolutely well done in all aspects, especially the ergonomics.
  • sling5
    A most interesting way to anchor the bands to the forks with a modified gypsy tab sort of thing....there's another idea I haven't seen yet.
  • sling1
    An excellent execution of a natty with great ergonomics.  That's a first...the pinky hole in a natural...I've not seen one like it yet...may have missed one in the years I've been on this foru...

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