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  • 24078c7c69f3d179
    Great camera angle. NOT only cool, but appears to be a very proficient shooter.
  • Micro Prong
    Micro Prong
    Wicked. Looks like it's moving fast. Like a super bike.
  • 751e3f600b6b5d7e
    Very good form. My GF is very much an archery-style shooter. But she has become very ace with partial butterfly as well. She has been having lots of fun with it. It's amazing.
  • gallery 9731 1784 48284
    gallery 9731 1784 48284
    My GF shoots with a variety of slingshot frames. She loves them all. I think she has 2 or 3 favorite frames. :)   She has been experimenting and shooting with tapered flat bands quite a l...

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