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  • EDC Finished
    EDC Finished
    very nice :)
  • small alu-shooter
    small alu-shooter
    Thank you very much :)
  • small alu-shooter
    small alu-shooter
    In my short time as a member here I've seen a lot of incredible stuff already, but this might top it all. 
  • Front 1
    Front 1
    I love glass art!  This is wonderful.I agree! I played marbles by hand and with a slingshot growing up, but never discovered the contemporary flameworked marbles like this until a few months a...
  • Hollow
    Looks like a vortex in space/time.  Geez how'd they do that?I'm not sure but I sure would like to know! I'm trying to sell these to fund a glassblowing setup and start creating. It will be a l...

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