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  • Sushi Rolls
    Sushi Rolls
    You are very lucky chuck, bon appetit
  • Eucalyptus2 3rd stage
    Eucalyptus2 3rd stage
    Dang, I cut off too much on the side of the handle and now don't have my usual shelf thumb rest. Whassamater with me? I had wood galore and muffed the thumb rest, band sawing negated it. DUMB!!! I...
  • I can finally mold my own ammo!
    I can finally mold my own ammo!
    That .50cal is monster ammo. You need a serious band set to send that to the target with not much arced trajectory. The .36 is more what I use, actually mine is about 9.5mm (.37 cal) and shoots fla...
  • Only a month and a few days left!!!
    Only a month and a few days left!!!
    Now that the baby is a few months old, how bout a pic with mama!
  • Sterling Band Box
    Sterling Band Box
    I just finished about 200 rounds this morning from various frames and the Trumark performed as good as any I made. The wide forks gotta go tho... I have some spare time today for shop work and I wi...

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