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  • Derringer All components sans band Set
    Derringer All components sans band Set
    I posted this to give the idea away to whomever wants to putz with it. To me its just what I need for a shirt pocket shooter. It fits Susis hand perfectly as well since it isn't one of my fat ergos...
  • Derringer packed Up
    Derringer packed Up
    I wish all who celebrate it a very happy July 4th! The Sucrets tin is all American, baby... Altoids, the brand was created by a London-based Smith & Company in the 1780s are a European candy......
  • Derringergun
    I've always been a fan of pocket guns but never owned any of the small ones like yours here. It appears to be a cap lock black powder pistol. Am I correct? Maybe .45 caliber? I love it.
  • IMG 20150625 153326
    IMG 20150625 153326
    Stunning shape, very strong looking.
    it looks like a snake!

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