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  • 101 0025
    101 0025
    wow nice! wish I could find a natty like that been lookim in all the wrong places!
  • Flats on a Marksman
    Flats on a Marksman
    Hi Chuck, Sorry for the delay replying back! Many thanks for the tips! I do put 2 scetions of tubing on each fork tips so the flat band don't slip then put the flats on top of them and tie, bu...
  • The 3
    The 3
    Hi Chuck, Sorry for the delay reply back! I wish I made these but I didn't. I got them from SimpleShot, Nathans store. The middle one is called the Ocularis, attachment method is call dial a f...
  • HH Big rock
    HH Big rock
    Wow, a piece of ART! Volp
  • 20150718 074829
    20150718 074829
    wow!!! this is one NICE LOOKING slingshot!!!In the middle , is that the Rabbit hole? (hehe just kidding)But seriously, Can you use The gypsy tabs screw holes for tube attachment ? like ball in tube?

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