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Hi guys,

as promised, here is a template for my new Ergo.

For the different diameters i used forstner drill bits.
Then just saw out the shape, do some finework with a round file.
For the roundings i used a router table.

Posted Image

Sand it up to 400, and add a CA finish. I used Starbond Glue EM - 02
I saw this method at: http://www.simple-sh...s/tutorials-diy

Direct link to the vid:

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • Drawed in Autodesk Inventor 1:1
  • Added dimensions
  • Added a sketch made by Irfan (eyshot)

Thanks Tom!

thanks a lot !

no esta la plantilla, no puedo abrirla con adove ni nada, al parecer no esta, aver si pudieses subirla de nuevo, GRACIASSSS

very smart!

Looks nice once I fix my saw I will give it a try

I made one of these out of PVC And I got to say I love it! I have a video of it on my channel sharpshooterjd if anyone wants to see it. I think it might be my new favorite design when I make it out of something thicker. It's a bit hard on the hand when you make it too thin.

I just dip into urethane varnish, let the drip drops just go back into the can and about three minutes or so later I carefully  wipe the last drip from the lowest part where it accumulates.  I watch it for about 20 minutes to make sure a clear drop hasn't formed.  If it has, I remove it carefully with my finger so as to not disturb the surrounding area.  A second dip and a third one as well ensures a well plasticized SS and it's hard as nails too.  Urethane dries pretty fast, moreso if in the sun.  If a bug or dust particle lands on it, don't worry, use 400 paper to sand it off before the next dip.


I'm not telling you how to finish SSs, you're already an expert, just posting this for others to try as an alternative to cyanoacrylic super glues.


This note is from Chuck, the gun guy (or was before he moved to Ecuador)

Many just prefer to use boiled linseed oil applied with the hand sparingly.  Boil it until it turns a reddish brown, not too much  to carbonize it, just to heat treat the oil.  It makes it more into a varnish. Apply it with your bare hand rubbing it in well and sparingly. You want it to penetrate. Wait a couple days, lightly steel wool with very fine steel wool, wipe perfectly cleean, and reapply the boiled linseed. Gun shops sell "Linspeed" which is a commercial version that works great.  I've finished a number of gun stocks and pistol grips with Linspeed.

Hi, I am looking pretty closely at this design for my very first slingshot build. The template is good but the one bit of info it is lacking it the width or thickness of the body. I am sure this is a somewhat personal decision depending on how meaty your hand is, but what would be a good starting point?  

whats it the units for the measurements ?

Thank  you  !!!!

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