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Amazing Craftsmanship And Progression Of Design

Posted by NightKnight, in Custom Slingshots 23 May 2011 · 1,919 views

I am becoming amazed at the level of craftsmanship I am seeing from some of our custom slingshot makers. Below I am quoting a recent post from Flippinout, and I am blown away by the quality of this thing.

Just look at all the different materials he used in this one slingshot:
  • Antler Frame
  • Cocobolo Wood
  • Maple Wood
  • Paduak Wood
  • Micarta Composite
  • Bubinga Wood
  • Ebony Wood
  • Walnut Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
I just wish that I personally had the talent to do this kind of work!

Blue Skeen gave me a piece of antler recently- most likely mule deer or elk- he could not remember as he had it so long. After spending too much time trying to decide how to progress with it, i finally just started in on it and went freestyle- designing as a went. I had a lot of fun making this slingshot and got to try out some new techniques and materials. The handles were cut to accommodate cocobolo scales with maple veneer spacers. The antler was flat in cross section and didn't offer enough surface area for the hand. I then laminated the paduak/maple/micarta/bubinga over that, just for good looks and visual contrast. The ends of the forks and butt of the handle received ebony caps and the forks are pinned with walnut/aluminum/brass. It is rock solid and perty to boot!

I finished the frame with CA glue and boiled linseed oil, a trick i understand pen turners and duck call makers are using. It is easy to apply, super hard, fill cracks adn voids, and polishes up like a mirror.

The fork was built around my hand and fits like a glove. It has a great heft and shoots really well. And no, this fork will never be for sale.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: Flippinout On Antler

Hey that guy can really make a nice frame and I hear he is a crack shot to boot :)

I really enjoy making these creations and sharing them with my fellow enthusiasts. And if it were not for Aaron's initiative and hard work, i would not have the forum to share them with the public. Thanks Aaron
No problem! I am in awe of your work!
Aaron, who isn't in awe of Flipp's work? And that particular one is just amazing!!
You just can't say enough about the quality of work that the members are capable of here on the forum. Nathans flips are works of art for sure.
Agreed with all the above!

The natural I bought from Nathan is so NICE I don't even like shooting with it.

You have to have one of his SS's in your hands to truly appreciate it. The pictures
don't do justice even though they are great images.
You gotta shoot it! When i hear about my "children" going unfed, it breaks my heart. Do you want me to send it some ammo to chew on??Posted Image

Thanks for the kind words
First time i have seen this one that a nice slingshot top class

This particular frame is the pinnacle.

It's an absolute work of art.

I wouldn't shoot with it.
I had no idea, when I first started, that so many unique designs could be achieved (let alone how beautiful they looked) and they still keep pouring out.
I'm in presseed :D

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